About RS-Nicotine

‘R-S Nicotine’ is a chemical substance which was made by Swiss scientists, Mr. Ame Pictet and Mr. Arnold Rotschy with their molecular fusion method as the first one over the world. Since only pure carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen molecules are fused, one of the first grade carcinogens, ‘TSNAs’ (Tobacco-specific Nitrosamines) is not detected at all. A mass production method of ‘R-S Nicotine’ developed by our company whose patent was registered has been registered as a new chemical substance to the Ministry of Environment in the Republic of Korea and whose repeated-dose inhalation toxicity test was completed. Thus, our workmanship and its safety have been officially acknowledged.

TPD(Tobacco Products Directive)


In the EU member countries, only the TPD-compliant e-cigarettes are distributed while the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is applied to e-cigarettes.

For that reason, in case of England, e-cigarettes have been recommended at the level of the country.

We had planned and prepared in order that only TPD-compliant e-cigarettes can be domestically distributed from January 1, 2021.

A TPD-compliant e-liquid shall not have any harmful ingredients in its vaporized gas. And all of the ingredients being used for an e-liquid shall be disclosed.

Unfortunately, if even the UK-TPD-compliant e-liquids had been distributed domestically, many kinds of tobacco stem nicotine which don’t exist in real could not have been flourished as well as there might have been no recommendation for non-use of liquid-type e-cigarettes by the Ministry of Health and Welfare last year.

We are planning that all of our e-liquids will be verified by a laboratory certified by the English government and we will suggest each relevant certificate to each customer until a domestic organization to carry out a TPD –compliance test is designated.



Korea Electronic-Liquid Association

An e-liquid using ‘R-S’ nicotine is not a kind of tobacco product any longer.

E-liquid is an English term, ‘Electronic Liquid’. Most of countries over the world has adopted a harm reduction policy for the health of the people. Accordingly, the concerns of people in NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) are also being expanded continuously. It is expected that the liquid-type e-cigarette markets might grow consistently.

Provision of Information and Cooperation necessary for the establishment of National Acts and Policies related to the safety of e-liquids
- To provide clients with the information on the Acts and systems of each country for safe controlling of e-liquids, such as, the PMTA (Pre-market Tobacco Application) of the USA and the EU-TPD (Tobacco Products Directive)
Provision of Information and Cooperation necessary for the establishment of National Acts and Policies related to the safety of e-liquids
- Making and Introduction of Quarterly Industry Trend Reports
- Cooperation for Works in ways of sharing information with foreign e-liquid associations, etc.
Provision of Information and Cooperation necessary for the establishment of National Acts and Policies related to the safety of e-liquids
- Preparation for some ‘Standards for the Ingredients and Quality of e-Liquids’ for the domestic e-liquid providers and users
Rooting out Unidentified Illegal E-liquids and Supply of & Establishment of Distribution Order for legal and Safe E-Liquids
- Activities for rooting out any illegal imports, manufacturing and distribution of unidentified e-liquids
- Rooting out the online sales and the sales using vending machines for the protection of juveniles
- Establishing the distribution order
Activities for Supporting the ‘Harm Reduction’ policies of the Government
- Activities for developing tobacco substitutes and for studying on some harm-reduction of the existing e-liquids
What is a “Harm Reduction Policy”?
A “harm reduction” policy is a method whose effects have been proved since such a policy had been implemented since a long time ago in foreign countries. In foreign countries, people have reduced many social damages in each society by using a ‘harm reduction’ program while their governments have taken a lead for solving many kinds of social problems caused by some addiction by alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs, etc.
In the past, people had to choose between two options, that is, non-smoking and continuous smoking, but the main purpose of a harm-reduction policy is to reduce damages by adopting e-cigarettes.

3 Policies of KELSA

  • Adoption of TPD-compliant e-liquids
  • Juvenile Protection Policies
  • Establishment of Sound Distribution Orders
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